Javascript meetup help


Hey Guys, @virk @romain.lanz I planned to give a talk about AdonisJs on this Saturday at our largest JavaScript meetup in Chennai, India. I think it is important to get some tips from you before proceeding. Thank you. I believe in Adonis so I want to share with everyone.


Hello :wave:

Great to hear that you are planning to give a talk. Do you have anything in mind, what you are planning to talk? Or any specific questions you want answers for?


Basically everyone here using express for their personal product and very small number of companies using JavaScript in server side. Their reasons are it’s complex, lot of dependencies which makes hiring almost difficult, there are lot of limitation in express etc…
But I can see lot of companies using laravel as their server side framework. They all use angular or react in almost all projects so they will be happy if they can leverage their JavaScript knowledge in server side as well.
Just because adonisjs is easy and scalable and fairly similar to laravel, this might be a big thing for them… if they use Adonis atleast in their personal projects… I’ll be happy with that…
What I’m going to talk is…
Intro to Adonis,
Doing crud operation,
Other important concepts…

Only thing I want to know is i want to tell them why Adonis? That’s what I’m struggling with…
Thank you @virk


Well, everything you said above. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can take a look to this presentation, maybe it will give you ideas.