load only specific parts of the page, adonisjs


Good evening, greetings … I love adonisjs and I want to congratulate the developers for what they have achieved. On the other hand I have a doubt, could someone tell me how I can do or use adonisjs so that the views or pages load in a dynamic way? is to say something like angular or this forum, which only loads specific parts of the site … sorry for my bad English and I hope you can help me.


AdonisJS is a backend server framework. It has no concern over the UI part, other than allowing to render the templates.

As I understand you want to build a SPA (Single Page Application)? Am I understanding correctly? If so, then check out Nuxt, and Adonuxt.


Thank you very much for your response, I really appreciate it. And if it is correct I want a SPA, in the same way I can use adonisjs for the back-end and use Nuxt and Adonuxt for what I want to do, right?