More .env files other than .env.testing

Hey Guys,

While setting up the environment config as I get ready to deploy my Adonis and Nuxt app, I noticed that Adonis only supports one alternative .env config called .env.testing.

To be fair, the documentation at did an excellent job at explaining that, but it seems kinda silly to only have one hard coded alternate value that it picks up. I did some testing to confirm.


  • Windows 10
  • AdonisJS 4.1

However, doing config for 3 environments seems problematic. (Since I need one for local development, testing, and production.)

After digging around in the code for the Env provider, I found this:

 * Reads `.env` file contents
export function envLoader (appRoot: string): { envContents: string, testEnvContent: string } {
  const envPath = process.env.ENV_PATH || '.env'
  const absPath = isAbsolute(envPath) ? envPath : join(appRoot, envPath)

  const envContents = loadFile(absPath, process.env.ENV_SILENT === 'true')

   * Optionally loading the `.env.testing` file in test environment
  let testEnvContent = ''
  if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'testing') {
    testEnvContent = loadFile(join(appRoot, '.env.testing'), true)

  return { testEnvContent, envContents }

So it is indeed hardcoded to only accept a .env.testing alternate.

This is pretty trivial to fix for my own needs, so I will do that for now. I was just curious if there was any special reason for this as I am relatively new to Adonis (a few weeks working on this project) yet loving it!


  • Programmer Ryan

Hmm, that’s interesting case you found there :yum:

Would be worth to check if it’s in V5 too, could improve it in there :slight_smile:

I just might do that. Thanks!

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Well, I wound up finding the same limitation in v5 and created a formal pull request for the fix! Feels great to contribute to a project I love!