Multiple session in same browser



I defined multiple sessions in my auth.js file and use this way to access them

await auth.authenticator('admin') ...
await auth.authenticator('member') ...

but while I log in with any of them, the other one’s session is gone.

How can I have multiple sessions in the same browser ?


How can you login as 2 people to one site? Can you do it on facebook, twitter?


When I log in as two different type of entity, Admin and Vendor for example, Yes I can.


I am not sure how you can do that. Can 2 people on the same browser at the same time can login to their facebook accounts together?

If your answer is yes, then please double check


I have two panels

There are two different types of users with different tables


I also want admins can login into any vendor in the same browser, and this is not a weird feature.

You say I can’t login as 2 people and yes, Admin can’t login with two vendor at the same time in the same browser but should be able to login as one of them.


any help ?
If it’s not an out of the box feature, can someone help me simulate it
Two different tables and two different sessions in the same browser.

or any other way that I can login admin and vendor in one browser