Node/Adonis CPU on VPS


I’ve read some stuff about Node not using more then one tread/core on a CPU, is that correct and does this mean that it is no use choosing a VPS with more then one core?


Yes it runs on one core by default, you can run a cluster of server ( only if you need it )


so i don’t need more than 1 CPU core on my VPS?

How about memory?

I will run about 5 Adonis sites with low traffic.


Every node/adonis instance will have an own process. 5 adonis sites could run with 5 processes on a singe core or spread over multiple cores if available.

For 5 Adonis sites with low traffic 1 CPU core should be more than enough, but this highly depends on CPU performance, traffic, other processes like databases, …


PM2 (process-manager for Node) can utilize more than one core for your apps.