Nuxt(SSR) for frontend and adonisJs for backend/API only template


Hi everybody, I come from a vue + laravel background so I’d like to have a try at stack which would be Nuxt for the frontend + SSR and adonisjs for the backend as an API, afaik adonis come with lots of features out of the box so I can skip express conf and packages instalation.

Also imo frontend and backend should not be coupled, that’s why I will skip adonuxt template.

My question is, where can I find a template where nuxt and adonis are separated to get started, I don’t have experience building full stack templates on my own.

Ideally I would have the nuxt files folder and then inside the folder a server/api/backend folder where adonis resides.

Thanks in advance.


No one?, also are there any shared hosting plans which could let me have both the frontend and backend separated, take in mind I haven’t yet deployed a node app. I have deployed multiple laravel+vue apps tho.


Hey @Gabotronix!

Check this for some example of Nuxt + Adonis application:

Also, I wrote a blog post about how to deploy an Adonis application.


Interesting @romain.lanz

I see you have not only separated front and back, you have 3 different apps?

Adonis for server api
Nuxt for client admin
Nuxt for client website

Is this the way to do it and if so why do you recommend it?


I’ll take a look yes, also what do you use Repositories for?



Yes, I’m prefer to separate my application into multiple context. It make it easier for me to maintain them.


I use them to wrap queries that are “complex”, it makes the code more readable inside the controller. Also, it avoids to duplicate those query if I need them in another controller.


That is how we also do. It is easier to test, distinguish the dependencies and control the settings.


Damn, that makes sense!

This way i dont have to make subfolders for site/admin and i can also have totally different template/styling for admin/website.

Also, most work is in admin and this way i wont get any down time in website while re building and restarting admin. Sweet!

Will start separating this right away, thank you @romain.lanz and @begueradj !