Passing variables to mail template breaks mail


Hi there, I’m trying to pass variable data to a mail template from my adonis controller method.

below is the way I’m currently handling this

const body = request.all() 
const email =
const talent = await Talent.all()

await Mail.send('emails.interviewInvite', {talent, body}, (message) => {
    .subject("You're invited for an Interview!")

Unfortunately the above code breaks the application and give this error is not a function


Hi @iamtunde

I can’t see a method called noReply in documentation. You may check it out here

Do you mean to use replyTo?

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Thank @ozziest for your response, after going through the docs myself, I had realised what the issue was. Just has you’ve pointed it’s the noReply method in the code.

Thanks again.

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