Project- and Team-based Ticket-App


Hi folks

I built my first Webapp using AdonisJs. I use the App for my self so my customers can report things to me. It is still in beta, but fully functional. More features are planned in the future. It would be a pleasure for me if you get a look how i built this App. I think there are a lot of parts who can be written much better than i have done. :slight_smile:

The Software is under the MIT license, so feel free to check it out. A working demo will come soon.

Thank you very much for this wonderful framework and for your attention.




A demo is now online. If you are interested to check it out, please send me a email with your preferred name and i’ll create an account for you, or you can register yourself directly on the mainpage of the app (with no admin permissions).

The demo ist located here: CoTrack Helpdesk