Reinitialise auth object

Can we re-initialise the auth object ? I am not getting auth object in IOS devices after login.

Can you expatiate what you mean? iOS is client side but adonis runs on a server

Actually sir you are not getting my point, I know IOS is client side and I have written my API’s in adonis and I’m integrating those API’s. So my point is whenever I’m trying to access normal API’s like listing contents and updating users data, that time auth working fine but whenever I’m trying to render DRM contents like rendering PDF’s or playing videos in IOS that time only I’m not getting the auth. Can you explain any other reason behind ? Thank you.

I still don’t understand what you mean by you are not getting the auth. Can you show some sample code?

see i have one API

Route.get("/api/reader/:file", async readPdfFile({request, response, auth}){

whenever i’m calling this API from web application this is giving the loggedin user detail but in case of IOS it is giving null.