Render config value in view

Hi Guys,

I have created a new config file, and want to load the data into my master edge file, is this possible?

Below is my config file

'use strict'

/** @type {import('@adonisjs/framework/src/Env')} */
const Env = use('Env')

module.exports = {

    dashboard: {
        navbar_items: {
            Profile: {
                route: 'frame.profile',
                classes: 'class-full-of-rum',
                icon_class: 'person'
            Home: {
                route: 'frame.dashboard',
                icon_class: 'home',
                target_blank: true,
            Logout: {
                route: 'frame.logout',
                icon_class: 'power'

Want to call out this in a master edge file so that all users can access this functionality.

Is there any way to declare config variable global or access config files via Config.get(‘’)



I think config is also available in views via request in request.Config._config

Thanks buddy above link was helpful.
Tried it via request but it does not work. works !!