Saving session to database


Hi, would it be possible to have a database session? Much like Laravel database session driver.

Use case is for a stateful session for APIs, with micro-apps accessing it, and also a Session manager where an admin can revoke and monitor user session (see who’s online, revoke session, etc.).



Use redis for that


Hi virk, currently it’s not possible for me to use redis. It’s more of a policy at work. Anyway, thanks for the reply. I might have to implement my own session handler and middleware. This is a nice to have though, since Laravel has it. I hope it will be considered in the future. Regards.


You can add your own session driver, instead of re-creating the entire session module. Inside the start/hooks.js file, you can register your own driver.

hooks.before.providersRegistered(function () {
  ioc.extend('Adonis/Src/Session', 'database', function () {
     return new DatabaseDriver()

And then implement DatabaseDriver by referring the code here