Should I use Adonis 4 or 5?

Hey, I’m very new to Adonis, sorry if this question is kind of dumb.

I want to build an MVP with Adonis. But I’m confused, should I use Adonis 4 or 5?
It looks like Adonis 5 is not officially released yet (CMIIW) but might be released very soon.

I prefer to write in Adonis 4 because the documentation is better than Adonis 5, and I never use Typescript before. But I’m worried when Adonis 5 is released I need to rewrite everything.

What do you think?

Thank you.

Aonis 4 is somethiing you could use in producion due to its stablity and being round product if your MVP is viable enough to survive to production state.

If your MVP is not going to live up to production state, it is indifferent whether you use Adoins 4 or 5 or anything else. Still in this case to my taste you would better going with stable thing with lower learning curve for you (no TypeScript) which is Adonis 4.

You do not have to rewrite things on Adonis 5 release. Your product could live happily with Adonis 4 for years.

So my view here is Adonis 4 would be a good enough choice.

hi @migumelar

what architecture do you use? if you implement microservices, then I think you can try from adonis 4, then as you go while the v5 version is ready for production. you can switch to v5.

@WhereJuly Thank you for your insight

You do not have to rewrite things on Adonis 5 release. Your product could live happily with Adonis 4 for years.

Just curious, will Adonis 4 still getting an update when Adonis 5 released?

Anyway, I will be using Adonis 4 for now, I will worry about rewrite later when the apps hit a success (hopefully :rofl:)

@hendra1 It’s a monolith app, I think microservice is a little bit overkill for my project. Do you think adonis 4 is a good choice for monolith app?

Just curious, will Adonis 4 still getting an update when Adonis 5 released?

I believe in the case of Adonis 4 it does not matter. It is quite versatile, grown up and stable for all website or API tasks it is inteneded for. Hence I suspect you would not require any updates.

Second, I am not sure Adonis 5 is going to stable state within this year. There is quite a lot of work ahead in the road map. It is as well visible if you just compare 4 vs 5 guides page, how many parts of the framework are presented in 4 that so far missing in 5.

I believe Adonis 4 is completely fine to use. The framework is long a complete thing. The docs are very good. The forum is pretty full of useful answers from the past. As well one can search over issues on the github repo for answers.

Adonis is tailored for monolith web apps / websites with all its convience features because monolith apps require the most number of features from the developer and, consequently, from the framework.

Adonis 4 full-stack application boilerplate is installed by default (see the highlighted section on the page for more info) and is in fact the starting point for a monolit app.

In addition Adonis 4 has slim and api boilerplates just for the case in the future you would like to extract some portions of your monolith to separate (micro?)services. You could install those slim or api with --api-only or --slim arguments in Adonis CLI.

Apart from the above for beginners using Adonis promotes learning very basic and thus very important best practices on how to organize your code.

This especially is difficult to experince with other Node frameworks (let alone there are no other good Node MVC frameworks in my view).

Just as a side note I am especially pleased with Adonis IoC container. It turns the annoing Node require('../../../../App/Module/Something/Else/Etc/MyModule.js')to become a beautiful use('Etc/MyModule'); irrespectively of the location of the module where I add that use().

yes absolutely… Adonis provide everything you need to make a great monolith app.
You don’t need to look for view templating , since Adonis have edge.
Multiple connection to database, orm, session handling, out of the box authorization, and a lot of things.
Just play around with adonis… and you will see the easy and the expressive syntax of the framework.

And one thing… if you came from PHP or laravel… jumping to Adonis is just like walking on a piece of cake :slight_smile:

@WhereJuly @hendra1 Thank you so much for the valuable input :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I’ve made my mind I will use Adonis 4.

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@migumelar Glad I could help.