Simple example of a petition issued ws adonis

I just installed ws for adonis js, I want to use features in real time with my project, but in the documentation is only the example with the chat, I want a simple example of how to issue from the client and how to resivir on the server.

in my client’s js file I have something like that

let ws = null
ws = adonis.Ws().connect()

ws.getSubscription('example').emit('message', {
            username: "hi name",
            body: "hi thing"

in my start / socket.js file I have the following'example', 'exampleWsController')

and I do not know how to receive it in my exampleWsController.js file, you could give me a basic example from the emit to the controller, I really do not know where to start or what to do thank you

For every event you want to listen, you need to create a method with the same name and prefixed with on.

In your case, it will be

class ExampleWsController {
  async onMessage (message) {

if I want to perform another action with sockets in the examplewscontroller driver, I must create another onMessage, and how does adonis know which method onMessage should go to?