Smtp rateLimit emails per second

I’m using mailtrap for development and it’s working good. The free account I’m using has a limitation of 4 emails every 10 seconds, thats it 0.4 emails per second.

I went to config > mail > stmp and set a rateLimit of 0.3 and I still get the error 550: too many mails per second.

Any help?

Can you share the complete config file? Also, it’s worth checking nodemailer docs too

Hi @virk.
Mailtrap is working ok, just the problem with the sending limit.

I just checked nodemailer, included rateDelta in the setup and I still get the error. Only one connection alive.

  smtp: {
    driver: 'smtp',
    pool: true,
    port: 2525,
    host: Env.get('SMTP_HOST'),
    secure: false,
    auth: {
      user: Env.get('MAIL_USERNAME'),
      pass: Env.get('MAIL_PASSWORD')
    maxConnections: 5,
    maxMessages: 100,
    rateDelta :10000, //TODO: cambiar en Producción
    rateLimit: 2 //TODO: cambiar en Producción