Talk about AdonisJs

Hey guys, I’m giving a talk at Bangalore, India about AdonisJs.

Can you guys see this presentation? Am I missing anything?

Link here:

It is introduction to Adonis so nothing too complicated or advanced topics.


Good initiative :slight_smile:

Quick note: on page 3, you wrote:

It’s packed with everything you need out of the box.

I do not think that is very true :slight_smile: Sorry :slight_smile: Even the most mature frameworks do not come with everything out of the box, but this clearly shows you are enthusiastic about AdonisJs :slight_smile:


Okay, I’ll check it out

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Hey @Karthick-Ramachandra! :wave:

This is great news! I have a small presentation hosted on if you want to take some slides from it or have more ideas.


I think it’s okay, keep it up

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