Testing & AdonisJS

Hi Guys,

I am new to Unit testing and Test-driven development and I don’t really know much about it. Reading a lot and learning about it but every material I encounter is outside of AdonisJS and the documentation isn’t very detailed (I think, others with more skills in testing might think otherwise).

I am building a full-stack application, not API with a Vue frontend, just plain old full-stack and I have no idea how to go about writing tests for such a project.

Does anyone have any good tutorials about this? I would really appreciate any guidance, most of what I have found online talk about testing an API end-point but my app is full-stack with views in Edge.

Thanks in advance for any assistance

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Build a REST API with AdonisJs and TDD Part 1

Build a REST API with AdonisJs and TDD Part 2

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Thanks for this but i consistently find tutorials about when it’s an API. I need guidance for when it is a Full-stack application.

My controllers pass data to edge files and don’t return a JSON output.

For a full-stack AdonisJs application testing, you have everything you need in the Adonis Blog Demo. It is done by the Virk and Lanz (AdonisJs core developers).

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Hey @adegbengaagoro! :wave:

You can take a look to the linked repository from @begueradj.
Also, we got full-stack testing covered in your documentation in the Browser Testing section.

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Thanks guys,
I truly appreciate the guidance on this. Will check them out.

I did look at the Browser Testing section in the documentation and I just couldn’t really wrap my head around it, maybe also in part because I am still learning this but I will look at the documentation while referencing the Adonis Blog demo as well

Thanks again