Testing - Error: Cannot find module 'Test/Browser'


I followed the docs and tried to setup the functional test as described here:

So i copy & paste the following code:

const { test, trait } = use('Test/Suite')('Example functional test')

test('validate user details', async ({ browser }) => {
  const page = await browser.visit('/')

  await page
    .type('email', 'wrong email')

  page.session.assertError('email', 'Invalid user email address')

But if i run adonis test i am getting the error Error: Cannot find module 'Test/Browser’

I am using “@adonisjs/vow”: “^1.0.17” & “@adonisjs/framework”: “^5.0.9”.

How can i install the module?


Hey @kayyyy! :wave:

You need to install the @adonisjs/vow-browser package.