Thank You Virk!


Hey Virk,

Just wanted to say Thank you for this framework. I’m coming from Laravel and I’m really having a blast learning the framework. At first, my mindset was to play around with different frameworks and pick one for a production site, but I think I’m stuck on Adonis. Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot :blush:


Very nice of you to say. You’re quite right of course, we all owe Virk a big debt of gratitude for creating the framework-- along with all the other contributors of course.


Yes, thank you Virk :slight_smile:

Not only for framework, but for your energy that you put into it. Constantly helping us on forum/stackoverflow/chat no mather how basic or complex questions are.

Thanks to all collaborators too, especially @romain.lanz!

You guys rock!


Yes, thanks to @virk , @romain.lanz and this good Adonis community.
Thank you all! I’m pretty sure most of us feels the same, even though not everyone express it


I agree, Kudos to the team.


Thank you @virk :pray:


Yes, Virk and the rest of the Adonis team has my greatest respect.


Metoo here!

Adonis is great, loving it and hoping it will soon became the “big one” it deserves to be. It is already big in terms of quality of course, I am just talking about the numbers out there.

Thanks to developers and supporters for the great work you are doing.

With much respect