Thank You Virk!


Hey Virk,

Just wanted to say Thank you for this framework. I’m coming from Laravel and I’m really having a blast learning the framework. At first, my mindset was to play around with different frameworks and pick one for a production site, but I think I’m stuck on Adonis. Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot :blush:


Very nice of you to say. You’re quite right of course, we all owe Virk a big debt of gratitude for creating the framework-- along with all the other contributors of course.


Yes, thank you Virk :slight_smile:

Not only for framework, but for your energy that you put into it. Constantly helping us on forum/stackoverflow/chat no mather how basic or complex questions are.

Thanks to all collaborators too, especially @romain.lanz!

You guys rock!


Yes, thanks to @virk , @romain.lanz and this good Adonis community.
Thank you all! I’m pretty sure most of us feels the same, even though not everyone express it


I agree, Kudos to the team.