Tox website redesign/rewrite


Hey guys,

Just put my latest AdonisJS v4 powered website in production. We at Tox had a nice website ( but the design wasn’t really sexy nor appealing. Also it was static, blog was on a separate page and APIs too.

Time has changed and I’ve decided to make a complete overhaul that would allow us to better marketing and promotion of our mission : to bring the most secure Instant Messaging protocol to the world !

The new website handle our regular pages like downloads, features list, about page, etc. As well as the developer hub (docs + wiki merged), support center, blog, APIs and also a pretty powerful back end for us to manage the whole thing.

Please review it and share opinions with me (or by clicking the feedback button on any page). Note that it’s still in early beta and many features are missing and coming soon.

Website: (SSL coming soon)


Looks great, thank you for sharing.

Just a few questions:

Why gulp? is it better than webpack?

Why sqlite? is it just for dev and if so do you prefere mysql or postgre for production?


Gulp because I’m most experienced with it. And SQLite is for development, in production it uses PostgreSQL :slight_smile:


I use Laravel Mix with webpack but i will try gulp :slight_smile:

Why do you prefer PostgreSQL over Mysql?


Not really that I prefer it but the PostgreSQL add-on is way better than the MySQL one on Heroku. And Adonis allows us to migrate not depending of the db so why not :3rd_place_medal: