Translate AdonisJS Docs for other languages


Hello guys, i’m here to purpose our community help us to translate adonisjs docs for other languages.

I can help translating to Portuguese (my native language) and Spanish.


I’m also translating to spanish bro, I would like to colaborate with you and translate this togheter


I would like to contribute to the (future) portuguease translation too… :smiley:


@virk does you know any good way for we do this?

Maybe using i18n or another way to put the docs in other languages available on adonisjs official website?


Adding tooling support for new languages is not a big task, instead I am more concerned about keeping it upto date. If someone wants to translate docs, then they also have to make sure to keep it upto date as we update the English docs.

If someone can take this responsibility, then I can add them to the docs repo


I can keep responsible for the portuguese translation.