Type .pdf file validation

Hi, I have to validate a file field where you can accept ‘png’, ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’, ‘pdf’ but nothing I’ve tried from the documentation works

'use strict'

const Antl = use('Antl');
const {rule} = use('Validator');

class Receipt {
  get validateAll(){
    return true;
  get rules () {
    return {
      name: [rule('required')],
      description: [rule('required')],
      value: [rule('required'), rule('number')],      
      //file_receipt:  [rule('file'),rule('file_ext',['png','jpg','jpeg','pdf']),rule('file_size','2mb')],
      user_id: [rule('required'), rule('exists',['users','id'])],
      activity_id: [rule('required'), rule('exists',['activities','id'])]           

  get messages () {
    return Antl.list('validation');

module.exports = Receipt

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Take a look in File Uploads, section Validation Options