TypeError: Class extends value undefined is not a constructor or null


I’m new to AdonisJS, can someone help me on my error?
first I’m getting 2 vulnerabilities after using “npm install mysql --save”
then I try to use npm audit fix and npm audit fix --force.
After resolving the vulnerabilities, i run the adonis migration:run then got an error
TypeError: Class extends value undefined is not a contructor or null

how to fix this?

Try to check which class triggers this error and share it here (although it seems such an error could be triggered by other elements).

If you can not find it by yourself, then please shrare the full error message here.

Hey there, please mention the class of error which you are facing so that we can look into the matter precisely. well actually I did face the same error a few days ago and solved my problem with the help of facebook. I hope you find the solution to your problem too!

class BaseCommand extends ace.Command

The semver exists for a reason. The major version means, that it will have breaking changes.

I also shared it here #102 (comment), that 6.x.x is not compatible with the existing version of the framework. So you must stick to 5.x.x