Upgrading from 2.1.9 to 4


I need to make unit test to my adonis, it’s 2.1.9, how the way i can do it?
The : adonis install @adonisjs/vow is not available on it.

Should i upgrade to 4? what is the consequences? and how to upgrade to 4.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hey @nagaitan! :wave:

You cannot use 4.0 feature in a 2.X application. You’ll need to upgrade.

What is the consequence? It will broke your code and will need to change it. There’s Upgrade Guide in the website to help you on that.


hey @romain.lanz, thanks.
does upgrading need remaking project?
or it can update the source automatically?


There’s no automatic way to upgrade.

I’d recommend you to create a new application with 4.0 and port the code feature by feature. It would be cleaner and easier than trying to update your current application.


Thank you. @romain.lanz