Using Adonis with Keycloak?

Hey everybody.

Is it possible to use Adonis with Keycloak? If yes, how so?

I’ve searched for this question and found this old question: Accessing session in a provider but nobody answered.

I have no troubles setting up Keycloak with express, but I can’t get it to work with Adonis. Does anybody know how can I achieve that? I know there is a NPM package called “keycloak-connect” but how do I use it with adonis? Im fairly new to programming, so excuse me if this is a stupid question.


@xLosTxSouL first off hi :wave:

It should be as simple as requiring the package and use it in controller or wherever you going to use it?

Can you elaborate how or what happens when you try to use it?

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Look good night! you managed to make it work with the Adonis?

This keycloak. I have tried implement in my local but i am getting “invalid request” page instead of login page. Could you please help why i am facing this issue. Do i need to implement anything in my application.