Validator sends "Hello World in JSON" when using postman

I’m using adonis as API.

I’ve implemented Validation on Routes before and I wanted to try it out for the first time with POSTMAN on Chrome.

I’m using JWT auth and I put the Authorization Bearer token on the header of the call. I works well and I could stored new records.

The problem I have is when I put the Route validation in the route, for example:
.validator(new Map([
[[‘’], [‘CompanyStore’]],
Adonis sends me an 200 ok response with
“greeting”: “Hello world in JSON”

This happens only when the validation fails and I post via Postman.

why I don’t get the validation failure massage?

@jorgeyoma hi :wave:
It’s not easy to give you an answer. Can you please share your full validator code?

Hi @CrBast

You are right. Below is the code that works when submmiting a form but not when posting with POSTMAN in Chrome.

'use strict'

class RecommendationStore {

  get validateAll () {

    return true


  get rules () {

    return {





module.exports = RecommendationStore

Are you sure you calling the same route (same http verb, same url) with Postman and the form?
If yes, can you share the http requests that are sent by Postman and the form

Note that the call is in the right type of route and the type of the request body is “raw / JSON” in the postman