View layout @!section help

Hello All Sirs i need some help

i want to change header section dynamic.
please check above two image.
i have home_header.edge

if url is (/) its show home_header
else its include other header
my question is other_header have extend some title please check my code
i want to be ,
if user visit blog title be All Blog
if user visit about title be About Me
but its only show @!section(‘header-title’)

thanks you all sirs

You did it?

Couldn’t understand what you’re saying

I think you want to show header title based on blog post title?

If that your case and if you don’t have any DB, You could get the title from params.
Use params and pass to view so that you can use it in view.

If it’s not the case you have to elaborate what you’re trying to do.

ya i got it thanks

thanks you i got it