Vuejs interpolation

hi are we able to put vuejs variable INSIDE an edge/adonis parameter/variable?

<h1>Hi, {{ myVar.Name }}</h1>

then i inserted some vue shenanigans… to make it uhh dynamic
<h1>Hi, {{ myVar[ myVueVar ] }}</h1>

but i get interpolation errors.

note: some other variations i tried…
<h1>Hi, {{ myVar[ @{{ myVueVar }} ] }}</h1> = error

I am at a loss when you said this :point_down:

Isn’t this :point_down:

<h1>Hi, {{ myVar.Name }}</h1>

dynamic enough?

Thanks for the reply.

Ah let’s say the ‘Name’ (myVueVar) key must come or is coming from vue and i can’t do anything about it.

So basically myVar is an adonis object, and the vuejs myVueVar is the one holding the key.