Web Notification


Dear Team,

Can anyone explain, how to implement web notification

I’m developing an application where many kinds of users notification will come, I don’t have that much idea about how can implement the notification,
First, I thought like to go with ajax request sending to the server within a frequent interval.

Is it a right way.? Or any other better way is there to implement it.




As WebSocket keep the connection persistence, will it the server busy always when there will be N’ number of concurrent connections.?
Will it affect performance.?


Yes, but polling also effects performance, just in a different way. But it all depends on the frequency of updates. If you have 1 update per day, then ofc no point having a WS but if it’s like a chat where updates happen every second, then you have no choice but to use WS.


Actually, I’m developing an application where discussion forum is there and other kind of notification also.
So which is the best way to implement, could you suggest me ?