Webpack 4 - @section not recognized

Hello, I use webpack 4 in an Adonis project. When I compile the project with webpack-dev-server, my adonis html page don’t understand section or include keywords. What I need to do ?

do I have to set server.js file in my webpack entry ?


Those @!section @include etc are part of Edge templating engine: https://edge.adonisjs.com/

There are several options.
You can send Webpack output to .edge file in /resources/views folder instead of .html in /public and tell Adonis to get it from there https://adonisjs.com/docs/4.1/views

Or you can use Webpack for JS / SCSS / LESS / images etc, send all those into /public folder and reference them from .edge file in /resources/views

The second option would be cleaner. Not sure how Webpack outputting to .edge file will end up