What is advantage & disadvantage use Adonis.js?


I first try to use adonis.js framework, and i use it but i don’t know what advantage and disadvantage from this framework. I read from documentation is only secure framework, but i want know more from the users experience after use this framework. Can you tell me please, thank you.



You can start by reading the FAQ, or compare it yourself to the previous Node.js framework you may have used in the past:

  1. How is AdonisJs different to Express or Koa?

Express and Koa are routing libraries with a thin layer of middleware on top. They are great for several use cases but fall apart when projects start to grow.

Since your projects have their own standards and conventions, it may become harder to hire developers to work on them. As AdonisJs follows a set of standardized conventions, it should be easier to hire someone to work on existing AdonisJs apps.

  1. Is AdonisJs for monolithic apps?

No. The AdonisJs Framework is a combination of multiple packages that gracefully integrate with the rest of your application.

The framework provides a robust dependency injection layer leveraged by all official and 3rd party packages to offer functionality without manually wiring up each part of your app.



We adopted AdonisJs at work when we were Node novices. As such having a full-stack opinionated framework helped us learn the basics off the back of @virk hard work and extensive knowledge. Individual developers were not reinventing the wheel and we minimised single points of failure.

Nowadays, we also use ExpressJs but I cannot recommend AdonisJs highly enough.



it’s my first time use node js framework, before it i use angular 4+ framework. After i read faq, still not know what is advantage from this framework. Maybe you want share your experience using this framework @begueradj



My personal point of view about this framework:

  • Pros: It is good for productivity because:

    • It is easy to learn
    • It is intuitive
    • I have this mysterious feeling that my code is not dirty
    • I can use other Node.js packages within it
  • Cons:

    • I have few, but I prefer not to mention them here (because bug reporting and contributions are better than ranting)


ok thank you so much



You can look at the FAQs linked in other replies. But, in short, Adonis is a batteries-included framework that favors conversion over configuration. Unlike other “frameworks” (really, libraries) Adonis has its own conventions of doing things like directory organization. With other frameworks, you are required to spend time just figuring out how everything will be organized and how it will all work together.