What is the state of Adonis?

Are the maintainers still working on version 5 of the framework? It has been a while since this version was announced.


Hey @httpiago! :wave:

Yes, we are working everyday on it. There’s some huge changes in this release, this is why we take our time to ensure everything works well together without forgetting about the developper ergonomics!


when version 5 will be ready?

From Virk in Discord:

paulc 05/02/2019

Hi @virk , how’s the development of v5 so far? :smiley: I saw the commits and it seems to me that you guys are just wrapping things up before you release it?

virk 05/02/2019

@paulc I am using it in production at a company where I work. For the public release, I have to cleanup certain things, write docs and migration guides. I have a product release to follow in next couple of weeks and hoping to polish v5 after that

Since they have work and family and other life too it will take some time.

But I bet it will be out in 2019 :wink:


Guys I’m not impatient or hurrying you, I know it takes a while, it’s been a few months since I had not seen any more news about that version 5.
I’ve seen the new functions and it will be very interesting, so good work. :clap:


Hmmm …

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Well, what i think the creators have their own jobs and life, they are not work for us. Sometimes we may need help and want improvement on the framework, we have forum to help each other and they always welcome PR on great ideas.

Instead of asking more, we should encourage more by sponsor and gives help here.

Actually if you stared the repo, they have gave two update to subscribers recently.