Which version of MySQL should I use with Adonis?

I used to work with MySQL@5.7 (which is not the latest version). Which version would you recommend to use with Adonis?

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Any version of MySQL will work with Adonis JS. Have you tried the latest version?

Not yet, I am using 5.7. I just wanted to know which one was recommended more than the others. I just could not find anything about this point in the documentation. :slight_smile:

As for today, AdonisJs is using knex version 0.20.10 which uses MySQLJs 2.18.1 and with which you can safely use the latest stable MySQL v.8.0 version.
You can keep using MySQL v.5.7 however for all general and specific needs. I doubt migrating to MySQL v.8.0 would be more beneficial for most use cases.


It’s been a long time since I’ve used MySQL too. Most probably pre-5.7 :smiley:. I went with the latest version (8.0.19), and I really haven’t had any problems with it. So I would personally suggest that.